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hi i'm tia and i love canada

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does anyone remember the time i spent over an hour drawing a comic on paint and it got two notes and i shut down my computer and went to bed angry which is a thing you’re never supposed to do

well i found the comic and now i understand why it only got two notes


this is art

White people: haha can I pour this water in your hair
White people: wow this unseasoned chicken is spicy... Is this cajun? Is this some bayou recipe?
White people: want some of my lemon water
White people: my hair turns into an afro too you know
White people: hey do you like my new jelly sandals
White people: I'm not even white I'm like 1/36th Cherokee
White people: it's not even cold it's like 25 degrees fahrenheit
White people: omg I hate my mom she forgot to freeze my gogurt!! I'm so neglected
White people: people in Africa inspire me I mean wow that's such an uncivilized country! Also I bet lions can get into their grass huts so easily
Me: .....................

Oh man I love it

I get excited bc my phone vibrates and I think someone wants to talk to me and then it’s just Kim K alerts and then I remember that’s why I don’t have any friends

I just installed my old SimCity game on our new desktop and now I’m leaving for vacation !!!!!! Life’s not fair








"I like Bad Bitchez cause they like Bad Bitches too"


"Ima need ur license and registration……and ur kik"